These projects are all collaborative efforts involving members of this network. If you are working on a collaborative project related to this field, or if you are working on a related project and looking to collaborate, please contact Richard at to discuss using our projects page as a showcase and forum for your projects.

World War I 100th Anniversary Project
100 Years Later: World War I
The centennial of World War I began last year; there will continue be a vast international discussion of the Great War over the following three years and more.  So we want to bring the environmental dimension of the war’s legacies to people’s awareness – both academics and the broader public. Our opportunities will extend for the four years of the centennial, and we should consider many ways of presenting our work. Primary goals including organizing workshops and collaboration at conferences and building up a relevant bibliography.
Global Environmental History of World War 2
The Long Shadows: A Global Environmental History of the Second World War
This project seeks to bring many of the elements of the impacts of the war together into one unified and connected source. The project is driven and organized by the book’s editors, Simo Laakkonen, Richard P. Tucker and Timo Vuorisalo.